WNP takes on a new co-living project

Dab smack in the middle of Imani Garden now stands a new building! Built on the site of a derelict 1920s frame house, the new three-story home is designed to be a co-living space with up to 8 bedrooms. It will feature 3 1/2 baths, a shared living/dining room, 16 foot high first floor, 3rd floor kitchenette, a community room in the basement and shared roof deck. Designed to appeal to environmentalists, it is was built to Passive House standards with triple glazed windows, super-insulated and sealed roof and walls and an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system incorporated into the design. Greg, the executive director of WNP, has started a Gofundme campaign to help assist in the completion of the house which is now about 60% completed. We are now seeking people interested in living or investing in the house. If you are such a person, please reach out to us at nestforenviros@gmail.com Hope to be hearing from you soon. We are now in the midst of a visioning process to help us decide key features of the Nest, like how it is governed, how it is owned and how it is laid out. The sooner you email us, the sooner you can be in on the ground floor of this exciting project. See more information about this project under the “co-living project” in the banner.