NYC Permaculture Meetup

NYC Permaculture Meetup

Emmy Gay and others share in permaculture discussion.

Waste Not Permaculture sponsors/organizes free monthly gatherings at a community venue in Manhattan. This an open space where permaculture enthusiasts, from seasoned professionals to complete newbies can come together and form community, learn about courses workshops and resources, and distribute news and announcements. The Meetup includes a listserve and a calendar where members may post relevant events and share information.

Beyond our monthly meet-and-greet, we seek to build a robust self-organizing network of people who engage in mutual support, skill-sharing and leveraging whole-systems thinking to develop creative sustainability projects at the home, community, municipal and regional scales. We also support individuals to establish local ‘nodes’ or working groups based on specific projects of interest.

This is a network where any person, according to their skills and interests (not just farming and gardening!), can contribute to creating the more ecologically-sane, just, and abundant world that our hearts tell us is possible.