Is Imani Garden A Victim of Abuse or Fraud?


Willow at Imani in mid-summer.

According to the Comptroller’s website, his job is to be:”…responsible for providing an independent voice to safeguard the fiscal health of the City, root out waste, fraud and abuse in City government and ensure the effective performance of City agencies to achieve their goals of serving the needs of all New Yorkers. ”
Why is the amount of the liens on 89 Schenectady said to be $95,000 when the amount shown on the notice of intention to sell tax liens was only $1,844.20?

Why wasn’t NYRP notified of the liens, given that they own the adjacent lots at 87 and 91 Schenectady which together with 89 Schenectady form Imani Garden? Is the Comptroller aware that selling this lot will cut a community garden into two pieces, including the largest chicken coop in Brooklyn and destroy a 60 foot willow tree that’s the centerpiece of the garden?
Given that the owner of 89 Schenectady Ave is a non-profit shown as active by the Secretary of State, why does it owe real estate taxes in any case?
Aren’t these enough questions to prompt the Comptroller to “root out waste, fraud and abuse”, or at least stop the sale scheduled for August 3rd so the facts can be investigated?
Mia Hilton has been assigned to investigate this case by the Comptroller.  She called today to say they are reaching out to the Intergovernmental Affairs office to get some answers.  Watch this blog for more updates.

Group shot – pond Imani I
Chickens stripping old plants from bed in Imani I




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