Imani Project List 2013


Because I was feeling a little overwhelmed, I created a list of proposed projects for this year.
Let’s use this as a guide for this weekend’s meeting to discuss upcoming projects.  We may decide to defer some until next year or not do at all.
Let me know if I missed any.

Project Who Description Proposed Timing Rationale
Chickens / Ducks Lydia and chickenistas Manage chickens and possibly ducks at Imani I and II Start March 31 Chickens and ducks provide eggs for community, manure for compost, attract community to garden
Pistachio Emmy Gaye Play and educational outreach for kids 4-10 Kickoff April 27 Earthday, runs through summer Helps support permaculture mission, increases traffic in garden, outreach to community
Community composting (IF FUNDED) Emmy Gaye, Greg Todd Create compost squad consisting of local residents who drop off food scraps to create compost for garden and personal use Start late April Increases compost for garden, engages community, supports permaculture mission
Rebuild greenhouse (IF FUNDED) Greg Todd, Travis Frazelle, members and volunteers as needed Create more permanent greenhouse structure using Lexan roof and heavy wooden structure Late May Extends our growing season, adds additional gardening capacity, educational opportunities during school year for local schools
Rain Garden Garden members, volunteers Build a rain garden for overflow from water storage tanks using a pit to bury loose rubble from gardens Early May Uses rubble that otherwise must be removed from gardens,  adds a unique habitat to gardens, lessens habitat for insect pests
Complete Water Storage Connection Imani II (Already Funded) Garden members Connect 350 gallon water storage tank to adjacent house in Imani II Late May Decreases reliance on fire hydrants, decreases combined sewer overflow (CSO), supports permaculture mission
Solar powered aquaponics system Greg Todd, Fabian Rosario Expand capacity by adding solar panels, DC pump to existing system As time and money permit Demonstrates permaculture principles, yields fish for members, community
Cobb oven Garden members, outside expert Create cobb oven at front of Imani I July, August Increases community outreach, fun project for kids and adults, uses local materials
Lobster dinner Garden members, volunteers Steam lobsters and corn on bed of seaweed in Imani I, Our Lady of Charity Late September, early October Raises money for garden, community outreach, celebration and fun!

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