GoFundMe campaign wraps up for The Nest

The GoFundMe campaign for The Nest wrapped up in November, raising $4,000 for the project. Proceeds from the campaign helped to create two sessions to promote The Nest.

The first was conducted at the house and featured architect Ibrahim Greenidge who designed The Nest. Ibrahim gave the 15 attendees a tour of the house noting the interesting design details and talking about the Passive House features it incorporates. Ibrahim completed Passive House training in 2017 and The Nest is his first project to incorporate the green design features of this protocol. He practices architecture in the Prospect Lefferts Garden section of Brooklyn. He can be reached at boltarchitecture@gmail.com. Here is a link to a video about his journey to architecture.

The second session was conducted at the Brooklyn Commons. It featured Howard Brandstein of the Sixth Street Community Center who is an expert on communal living structure and practices. He helped found the first community land trust in New York in the East Village of New York in the early 70s. He discussed the possibility of The Nest being established as part of a community land trust. Howard can best be reached at howard@sixstreetcenter.org for more information about community land trusts.


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