Composting at Imani

Composting bins freshly moved to Imani II

Currently we have five composting bins at Imani II. At three bins we collect plants and other resources such as brush, leaves and tree limbs from the garden. Once these resources have been in the bin for several months, we place them in one of the other two bins where we mix them with other resources such as chicken manure to create a compost pile that balances brown (carbon-rich) and green (nitrogen-rich) materials. We actively turn this pile every three days into the adjacent empty bin and add water as needed to keep it moist. In as little as two months, this active (aerobic) compost pile can be compost ready for use in our garden.

Unlike most inactive compost piles, piles which we turn regularly and keep moist will generate considerable heat. This heat is generated by aerobic (requiring oxygen) bacteria that generate heat as they breakdown the plant material into more basic resources. Turning the pile and watering it frequently ensures that these bacteria receive the oxygen and moisture they need for optimal performance. If you should walk by the active Imani II compost pile on a cool fall or winter day, don’t be surprised to see steam coming off our compost pile. No need to be alarmed, it’s just bacteria working hard to make good compost for our garden!

If you’d like to contribute food wastes to the garden for our compost pile, please contact Greg Todd at

For more information on composting, please look at the links provided under the Resources section of this website.


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