Imani Gardens I & II

Imani I is a community garden located at 87-91 Schenectady Avenue between Dean Street and Pacific Street in the Weeksville section of Brooklyn. Weeksville is the 2nd oldest free African American community on the East Coast.   Imani I is owned by the New York Restoration Project which has partnered with Green Phoenix since 2006 to manage the garden.  Imani I features a large willow tree, a spacious chicken coop and large chicken run accommodating up to 30 chickens, a 500 gallon water storage tank and a pond system with two ponds.  The pond pump is powered by a solar panel mounted on a trellis over the waterfall.   In June of 2015, Imani I added a cob oven built during a work shop attended by 10 local students.

Imani II is located at 1680 Pacific Street at the corner of Schenectady Avenue. It is owned by the City of New York and was licensed in 2011 to Green Phoenix through the NYC Parks Department Green Thumb program. Imani II is an “L” shaped lot approximately 30 feet by 87 feet in size.

Both Imani’s are gardened communally. We do not have private plots but share in the harvest and in the work needed to maintain the garden. All garden members are expected to work two hours a week during the growing season.  All applicants are asked to undergo a 4 week probation period and pay a $25 annual fee.   In our past seasons we have grown full size, plum and cherry tomatoes, collards, peppers of various kinds, various kinds of kale, eggplant, okra, a variety of herbs and several kinds of squash and pumpkins. We garden year around at both Imani’s. In Imani II we have a greenhouse where grow cold hardy plants during the winter months and grow seedlings in the spring.    We now have about 20 active gardeners working in both Imani I and Imani II.

If you’d like to join, please send an email to “” and ask for an application.

Early Imani group photo with Rupert Poole, Alice Lo, Katie Key, Greg Todd, member of Our Lady Of Charity RC church with daughter.