Help Imani Garden Grow!

Hard at work in Imani Garden

Now is the time for all good men and women to join the urban gardening movement! We at Imani are seeking 5 new members. Imani is actually two gardens located in the Weeksville section of Brooklyn. We offer, at a very low cost, all the vegetables you can harvest every week.  The annual fee is $25 fee, you’ll need to work two hours a week during the growing season, at hours of your choosing. We garden collectively (no private beds) and share in the harvest. We sell or donate our surplus to the community. We offer 13 raised beds, a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a solar-powered aquaponics system, water capture, a cob oven and lots more. We require a four week probationary period.  For more information or to apply for membership, email me at “”.
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