Highlights from the 2012 Imani Lobster Dinner

Lobster and corn on seaweed Luke Todd  in background

On Saturday September 29th 2012, we held our 3rd annual lobster dinner fund raiser for Imani Garden.  Over 40 people attended and in total 50 lobsters were served.

Emmy Gay giving talk at lobster dinner

Emmy Gaye, drawing on her extensive theater experience and knowledge of permaculture, gave a heartfelt talk to about 20 attendees before the lobsters were served.  

 With the help of Travis Frazelle, Salome Perry, Lydia Schmidt, Fabian Rosario, Tawhid Uddin, Fabian’s son (sorry I didn’t get his name), Marie Rosey and Claudia Chaqui, the dinner, which is a huge undertaking for the garden members, went off without a hitch.  Not only do we bring in 60 fresh lobster from the Red Hook’s own Lobster Pound, we also bring in two large bags of seaweed, 75 ears of corn, 60 potatoes, a dozen bunches of collards (all produce is minimally treated or organic from the Park Slope Food Coop) and 80 pounds of charcoal.  With a crew of five, we build up a lobster “pit” out of a dozen concrete blocks and cover it with a large sheet of stainless steel.  Once the charcoal is ready, we stack on the seaweed, the lobster and the corn, cover the entire large pile with canvas tarp and soak liberally with water.  Let steam for two hours, or until the lobster are a bright red, and voila:  a feast fit for Kings County!

Jasmine Williams at lobster pit

In case you’re concerned that we might be depleting our lobster stocks in Maine with our large consumption of lobsters, please see the linked article from the Maine Sunday Telegram.  It seems that the lobster population has exploded in recent years, perhaps in part because lobster are bottom feeders and actually eat the stuff we throw out.  According to the article, the Maine lobster catch has grown from about 20 million pounds in 1990 to 104.9 million pounds in 2010, a five fold increase in just 20 years.

Here’s the link to the article:


Many thanks to all who made this dinner a steaming success.  The funds raised will do a long ways towards further the projects planned for next year, including adding a water storage tank to Imani II, improving our chicken operation in Imani II, upgrading our solar-powerd aquaponic system in Imani I. adding covers to our compost bins in Imani II and more yet to come.

Be sure to tell your friends and family about the dinner, so we can make it a bigger and better event next year.

Water harvesting system in Imani I at lobster dinner